How should I start my scholarship essay?

How should I start my scholarship essay?
Im trying to write an essay about why do I want to be an advertiser but I don’t have a clue how to start it.. Any help?

My daughter did this just a few days ago and it surprised me at what she wrote. She had read a book on suicide with teens (a favorite book of hers) and relayed her feelings how it helped her see people in a different aspect. That as a person she saw there are real issues with teens and she had a better understanding of people in general. I thought about it at first as “how does this apply to this essay”? I talked about it with some younger people who are now in college and have done this and they told me that it helps the school see her as a person and how she understands people and has compassion towards others. I had to think about it for a bit and realized it would show them that she is very caring person and who would want a person like that at their school. Is your advertising a dream of yours to offer others and what you can be able to do for people you would advertise for. I am not by any means a master at this but I had to say something because my daughter had just done this and it surprised me at how does this apply? Than after talking to others I understood more, at what the school was looking for in people.
Hope it helps!