How should i start off a persuasive essay?

How should i start off a persuasive essay?
My Lang. arts teacher assigned a persuasive essay to “the mayor” saying that he shouldn’t change the curfew for children under 16 to 7:00 p.m. i don’t agree. So i have no idea at all how to start the first paragraph. Can you pleaseeeeee help! Thanks in advance! P.S. Im only in 8th gradee

Part of learning to write persuasive essays is learning to support / sell an idea you don’t necessarily believe in. People make big bucks in advertising doing this all the time.

Do Not get hung up on the first paragraph!!! Jot down your ideas, organize them in a graphic organizer – a web or outline, write a few sentences about each idea, put those paragraphs in an appealing / logical order, review your word choices and put in a few really interesting / attention grabbing words, type it into a spell/ grammar check program. Leave it for an hour or two. Then go back and write the first paragraph. It’s very hard to grab someone’s attention and lead them into the heart of your ideas if you don’t know what you’re going to write about!