How should I study for the SAT?

How should I study for the SAT?
I’m a junior and I’m planning to take the SAT in May and in June. Since I only have 2 months until the May SAT what should I do to prepare for the test? What should my study schedule consist of? I’ve bought the college board sat (blue) book. I’ve also been reading the New York Times because I’ve heard that it’ll help with reading skills and vocabulary. Im really aiming for above 2000. Any tips?

So basically practicing a lot will help you, especially with the blue book because those are tests written by collegeboard and are more “authentic” than the ones in prep books so to speak. I took all of them and then retook a few (prepping over the summer gave me some time). Don’t read the NY Times…sure you would get a better sense of grammar and styling for your essay/reading comprehension, but that’s only developed over a long period of time and given that you only have 2/3 months before your test, I suggest you check out a few prep books from your library or buy a few prep books. I did that to target specific sections since I didn’t need any help at all for writing, and it helped substantially boost my math score (lowest at the time).

Make sure you have a general (not overused, e.g. the Testmasters format) outline prepared for whatever the prompt will be for the essay and definitely make it your own if you are looking at prep books that give you an outline.

Definitely make flashcards (or use whatever method you usually use for memorizing new vocabulary in classes at school) to commit a list of common SAT vocabulary words to memory (you can find them online, buy a deck of SAT vocab flashcards, or make them from the lists provided in your prep book(s) ).

Space out practice sessions throughout the next two months and make sure that your schedule is achievable. Aim to practice at least 30 minutes each day and give yourself more time for practice tests/sessions on the weekends. Doing a lot of practice will help you conquer test anxiety since you will know exactly what to expect on the day of the test.

Other than that, make sure you get a lot of sleep leading up to the test, arrive on time, bring extra batteries for the test etc etc.
Good luck!