how should i write the essay on the SAT?

how should i write the essay on the SAT?
okay so i took an SAT prep class, and the teacher told us that when were writing out examples, its better to use one specific example for the essay than using the normal essay structure (topic paragraph-three example/support paragraphs-closing paragraph). so which is better? one detailed example, or three not as detailed examples?

if you’ve already taken the SAT, which way did you write it? and what did you get (or do they not tell you the specific score of the essay?)

If you’re going to use one example to write about, make sure there are sub-points in your essay that explain your view on the issue presented. Otherwise, stick with the standard essay format you described because it’s much easier to structure. Also, this may sound ridiculous, but the length of your essay implicitly plays a role into how well you score. Like I said, it sounds unbelievable, but take a look at this study conducted by a MIT professor on essay length vs. SAT essay score:

Here’s another link:

Anyway, write a long essay for the SAT, emphasizing details that support or refute the issue presented. Remember, however, that the SAT essay is a terrible measure of how well you write. Just do what you have to do in order to get the highest score.