How to Answer an Essay Question on a Test!!?

How to Answer an Essay Question on a Test!!?
Going into highschool I know that I will be getting a lot of esay quetions. What is a good way to:
~ Make sure I don’t forget anything
~ Organize my thoughts
~ Organize my essay
~ And use my time wisely
Please help! I’ve never been good at essay questions!!

You need to develop a technique for studying for an essay test. It more detailed than studying for a true / false or fill in the blank of multiple choice.

While studying make a “spelling list” of pertinent terms and proper names and proper place names. Learn to spell these terms. This will make you feel much more secure when writing out the answers.

The second study technique is to “second guess” your teacher. Look at the material. If you were the teacher, what question or questions would you ask on an essay type test.

Third: take your “test” for practice. Practice makes perfect.

Study and do this type of work every day. Do not wait and cram the night before the test.

The night before the test just review your study notes and tweak your answers… You will be ready for the exam.