How to answer essay questions more strongly on exams?

How to answer essay questions more strongly on exams?
I’m a freshman in college and i do great on my Q&A, fill in the blank, matching, ETC. but when it comes to essay questions i do horrible. I really have a hard time remembering facts to back up what I say in the essay, so if you have any study tips that would be good too. Any advice on how to answer them strongly? Please don’t state the obvious, like restate your question! and study for hours on end because I already do that!

Thanks, A

Essays should have a strong thesis i.e. a point your arguing that you constantly refer back to. Be original. An examiner is going to prefer something fresh than the same sterile arguements everyone uses.
At the end of an essay question its also pretty cool to think of the implications of you thesis in a wider context e.g. how what you’re saying effect the field and the world in general.
Lastly is do some reading for pleasure. the texts your tutors set are vital, but reading around the subject for fun can bring a new sprig of life to a dull question
Write passionately with purpose. I you write because you love to write it’ll shine through in you essays!