How to answer questions like Climatic Importance?

How to answer questions like Climatic Importance?
Like its said above. How do i answer questions like Explain the climatic importance of some region for some place etc.. or the strategic importance or the economic importance, What im trying to say is what should i include or write in these type of questions i just cant figure it out i always have trouble in questions like these. In other words what dose the question that is requires me to write about and yes… i know it requires me to explain the climatic importance or whatever but what should i write? and how points,paragraphs what?

Help would be really appreciated..

If your question needs an essay answer, you need a introduction, a body of paragraphs and a conclusion. If its a short answer question, you should still write in paragraphs.
You should plan the paragraphs first by writing down a few main points on spare paper, each point to be expanded into a paragraph. For instance, if you were talking about the strategic importance of a town being built on a river, your points might be A) access to waterways for boats for transport, B) access to waterways for water for industry and so on depending on the information you find in your research. Expand on these points by writing in your own words, as you understand it, and give examples of places that you have read about.
Its all about planning it first with points or a mind map then write it one section at a time. You can always change it, add to it etc so dont stress trying to get it right first time.
You could also get more info from your teacher and make them earn their money- if you dont understand, then they are not teaching properly.! Good Luck