how to answer the following application essay questions?

how to answer the following application essay questions?
I’ve never done much in an of the fields I am applying for.
I like all but at my school we do general subjects, so I dont have much experience.
In my spare time, well I dont have much spare time it just goes to studying and exercising and other stuff.
I dont have time t make a movie or film something or design a game, I dont know how to design a game they are meant to teach me right?

So how to answer
Describe your previous experience in game design?
Describe your previous experience in Film Production
Describe your previous experience in Sound Design for Visual Media
Describe your previous experience in Digital Design

I want to apply for all of these well fill in the forms and see how it goes and see hwta htey offer and what I would prefer!

So you havn’t done anything profesional in these field but there are ways of putting a good spin on little tihngs you have done.
For example on the game design question. I imagine you play video games. Do you notice things in them that you want to change? Do you have ideas for games? Ever done ay 3d modeling? If nothing else just talk about what it is that makes you interested in the subject. They dont expect you to know everything. What they want is entheusiasm.

Also if you are under 18. Emagination computer camps offers a game design program in the summer you might be interested in.It’s a good program. I worked there last summer.

for the film production. Ever messed around in imovie? made anthing for youtube? Talk about why you like the subject.
Same sort of thing for the others
These things can tiny componants that are part of the big picture that you will learn there.
Something mut have caused your intrest in the subject and that something is your experience even if you havnt made a finished product yet.