How to answer the question ‘Who am I’?

How to answer the question ‘Who am I’?
I am doing an essay explaining who am I and I need help in writing an unique essay about Who I am. When I say ‘Who am I’ I don’t mean name. How can I answer this question?

One direction you could go is thinking of an expirience where the way you acted describes you and you can tell the story then explain why that shows who you are. For example, say I feel like I am a very passionate and outgoing person. I might tell the story of when my brother was in a car accedent and nearly lost his life. When he was in the hospital, my family was running out of money, so I organized a carnival at my church to raise awareness and money for my brother. That story shows that I am passionate and outgoing, because I felt strongly that I needed to help the brother I love, so I used the trait that I am outgoing to help me support him. (That is not true, just an example, by the way). Hope this helps 🙂