how to answer this college essay question?

how to answer this college essay question?
Describe how a particular event has impacted your worldview?
I was thinking along the lines of Christianity and ISIS or something, but I really do not know

Consider yourself at the age before you were aware of many world problems. What was your outlook on the world?

Second, consider what your outlook is right NOW.

Then ask yourself what happened between then and now.

Your essay may be on the event somewhat but not fully. Give a brief history of what you know (you may or may not have to do research depending on your essay requirements. If it’s just a thought essay, give only the most basic details you believe to be true in the context that they have shaped your world view.)

You’ll be focusing more on what particular points of the event helped shape your view. So avoid getting too bogged down with history details because it’s more about HOW it (related particular elements of the event) shaped YOU.