How to Change What People Think of You?

How to Change What People Think of You?
I’m a freshman in my 4th week of high school. In middle school I was known to be really smart (I was first in my class) and really in love with Justin Bieber.

People said I was a tryhard and too obsessed with school in middle school. One time we had this thing that was called passing points. You needed to get 50 of them to pass. You get 20 for each essay you wrote. I got 220 points.

I also really love Justin Bieber. I brought his posters into my Spanish class to hang. Everyone thinks he’s annoying, but they don’t really have a reason.. they just say he’s people call me Bieberfever in the hallways and I don’t know how to change their minds without seeming like a poser.

I really want to be seen as cool and popular in high school. Right now it seems people think I’m a nerd that only knows about school and Justin Bieber.

They did vote me as class president though.

I;m really shy. I don’t like to shout out in class. I’m so shy that I get nervous just walking in front of/ past a group of people.

Sol how can I change from a shy, nerdy girl to funny, outgoing, and popular?

Hi! I’m a freshman, too! I am known for being nerdy also, because I always take higher classes (like this year I am taking Spanish II and Geometry Honors). It’s cool to be nerdy! “Nerdy” people often have very distinct personalities, so don’t try to change it! Stay nerdy, because that’s not a problem. Also the essay point contest thing is not being obsessed! Maybe you just love writing or doing good in school! What’s wrong with that? I’m not crazy about grades but I LOVE to write!
About Justin Beiber… I don’t like him but I’m not a hater! I just don’t love that type of music 🙂 People are immature if their judging you on stupid stuff like that! But I am sorry to say that you out did it with the posters… Be yourself but don’t force people to uderstand you! We are all crazy, so let them be them and you be you! And you are not a poser!! A poser is someone who copies someone else, and you do not sound like your copying anyone!
Futher more, if you got voted class president then you are obviously not disliked by everyone! They might dissagree with you, but at least they know you can handle things with ease!
It is also alright to be shy! I’m not very shy, but I am best friends with people who are! Teenage years is all about finding yourself, so you might change naturally. But please don’t force yourself to change into something your not! My older cousin said when you get older and go to college, meet more people, travel to more places, etc. then you become less shy. I mean you might not ever scream across a store with a ton of people, but I bet you will soon be able to walk and make small talk with strangers! It just grows on you when you get older I guess~
So to conclude: Stay nerdy! Stay shy you will become more comfortable around people!
You probably are funny and if you’re not it won’t matter! And as for popular? People will hate but don’t try to be a hater with them! Just live life to the fullest and do what you feel is best and you will get friends and boys and everything else you want in life! You just have to stay true to yourslef and pick the good choices! Sometimes you might not know what the good choices are but as long as you have a dream and a plan, it will happen somehow and someway! Find you’re talents and things you love to do, and trust in your heart!
Best wishes to you!
Saylor <3