How to cite a quote from a website in MLA format?

How to cite a quote from a website in MLA format?
There is a quote I want to use in my paper that I found on a website.
The website page is, as you can tell from the
URL the website hosts multiple quotes from different sources.

The quote I want to use is by James M. Barrie, and the only other relevant information I can find is
the copyright date of the website, and who maintains the site. ( which is (c) 2010 Michael Moncur)

But I have no idea how to cite this in MLA format.
Please help!

Check this website out, it’s used internationally and will answer any & all of your questions regarding quotations & essay’s in general 😛…

It’s a professional university website in pdf format and is completely legit. The ONLY difference is the canadian spelling vs the american spelling, such as words like favourite and favorite.

Scroll down & you’ll find exactly how to quote any work from any source, including paraphrasing, quotes from dramas, plays, etc. Good luck, hope this helps you ^_^