How to come up with a claim for my persuasive essay?

How to come up with a claim for my persuasive essay?
The topic of my persuasive essay for my English Class is Bullying. How can I come up with a claim for it now? Please help me out by giving me suggestions for the claim. Thank you.

Persuasive essay writing is main part of the creative writing. Sometimes Persuasive writing involves influential the readers to perform an action. It can be a simple structure of arguments persuading the reader follows the writer’s point of view. Persuasive essay is a very popular type of writing. It is a normal paper. When you begin writing, you have to come up with a good idea, a basis that you can base entire paper on. You should make a list of points for both sides of the argument and decide on your side. Tell them your thoughts and you should add your own stuff in there … and then reinforce your stance at the end of the essay. Careful proofread and spell-check before submitting your persuasive essay. Also ensure you’ve properly cited sources using MLA or APA style, whichever your professor requests.You have to choose topic which you know a lot about, or you are interested to investigate.