How to cut down an essay by at least 700 words (Shakespeare)?

How to cut down an essay by at least 700 words (Shakespeare)?
my Shakespeare essay is far too long (2700 words) and it is supposed to be 1500 ish! but my teacher said we can go a little bit over, just not completely overboard! so my aim is about 2000 words but im just not sure how to cut my essay down because I don’t know what to delete!!!! thanks (sorry about poor grammar etc im in a rush)

Yes you need to cut this down. The teacher might accept 1700, but you’ll lose marks if you go this far over.

Best approach is – put the essay to one side and jot down the main points you want to make in the essay. Then go through the essay and remove anything that is not about the main points.

Also review the essay topic – again is everything in the essy on topic – if not get rid of it.

Make sure you haven’t made the same point more than once. Keep your sentences short, and remove any unnecessary descriptions. Also have you included load of quotes – if so cut these back.

Print out the essay and review the paper copy, you’ll find you pick up stuff that you don’t see when you read it on the screen.

Of course if none of these strategies work, just remove every second word. If nothing else it will cut down the length.

Good luck, put that coffee pot on