How to describe planet Earth in a creative way?

How to describe planet Earth in a creative way?
I have to write an essay describing planet Earth….I have to imagine that I’m an alien who visited this planet and came back to describe it to his friends (other aliens) ….it must be as if the alien thought this planet is so strange and eerie and everything in it was strange. I am not really sure how to write my creative beginning but I thought of a sentence to describe humans—–” it has eccentric creatures called humans, they come from different shapes and sizes……”
If you could help me with some ideas I would be grateful 🙂

“Beel, utah donk bimpbop!”
“Nix nubbist ella Doon?”

The automatic translator into the several dialects for the benefit of the assembled representative of the council, suddenly clicked on with a whirr ….

“Well, Beel, what did you find on this little speck of nothingness?”
“A very strange species, Doon, not at all like we were expecting. The land itself is limited with a saline liquid taking up more than three-quarters on the area, giving it a blueish colouring due to the thin atmosphere, which we could just about breathe even though it was polluted.

There are many species still alive though many seemed to have been killed off by the dominant, aggressive one. Our instruments detected that most died due to this animal, which are called ‘humans’, either killing them by hunting or the pollution they caused with their primitive industrial attempts over hundreds of years.

*Perhaps starting something along these lines could make your essay more interesting?