how to develope a good essay.?

how to develope a good essay.?
how many sentence in each paragraphs.any common grammer mistakes people make…anything else that can help me when i write my essay…idk what the essay is going to be about it can be Persuasive/argumentative essay or Comparison essay

1st Paragraph (intro):
Grabber/Hook: Get the reader attention
Explain the prompt, make sure the reader knows what your writing about
State your thesis statement clearly

Body Paragraphs:
Concrete Detail, Commentary, Commentary (thats the way I was taught), so state a fact in one sentence and then in two sentences explain why that is true or why you feel that way

Restate your thesis
Closing statement or argument

Make sure if your quoting any text or anything introduce the quote and use correct grammar for example:
Hamlet’s most famous words are, “two be or not to be, that is thy question”.

I find that most people make grammar mistakes when using commas and semicolons so be careful with those and only use them if your sure it is correct.

Oh and don’t forget to address the other side of view (if doing a persuasive essay)
Compare and contrast the two sides

And make the essay flow together don’t go off topic or put things out of order
If it doesn’t flow right it won’t be good

Otherwise Good Luck! 🙂