How to do well in High school?

How to do well in High school?
I have finished eight grade and completed my junior high career with a 94% average but my problem is that i have troubles with Language Arts, my writing skill are fine but my comprehensive skills hold me back. When entering high school i know there is a lot more work and your teachers won’t go chasing you if you forget your assignments and such so i’d like to know some advice on how to do well, like time management ( i procrastinate a lot), how to get the most out of my study time etc. Thanks!
– my high school is a boarding school

Okay, well, I just finished my freshman year, and procrastination sucked for me. Teachers don’t constantly remind you about assignments. Some don’t even tell you. They’ll write it on the board or on a website and it’s YOUR responsibility to keep on top. So you’ll most likely want a planner of some sorts.

Sometimes a bit of procrastination is okay. I had an adviosry period that was right before biology. I never did my biology homework because it always took like maybe 10 minutes, and I’d do it during advisory. The most important thing is learning how long everything will take, and PRIORITIES. Say, you have 30 math problems due the next day and a week-long English essay assigned on the same day. Are you going to go home and start the English essay, leaving like 10 minutes for math? That’d be stupid. Do the math, and any other more urgent homework, then if you have time/feel like it, do a bit of work on long term projects.

Flash cards are a must when studying. Yes, they take a while to make. But they are sooo worth it. Just trust me on this.

Just don’t get lazy. That’s the hugest thing. It’s going to be so easy just to blow off an assignment, especially in a class where you have good grades. I just never did Spanish work because I had like a 97 average. I figured I could take a couple daily grade/quiz grade 0s. And it was okay, my grade dropped to like a 94, but I had an A, so I was happy. Don’t do that, though. You lose all your motivation for other classes to, which was something I couldn’t afford, especially in math. So force yourself to do the homework, even if it isn’t necessary. Now, I hate homework just as much as the next person, so I’m not going to say I’m never going to skip an assigment this year. And to tell you to do otherwise would be hypocritical. Just be smart about it.