How to get a 1900+ on the SAT?

How to get a 1900+ on the SAT?
For the college I want to get into most applicants have SAT scores of at least 1900. I took mine for the first time (I’m a junior) at the beginning of November and scored a 1700. Needless to say I was a little disappointed with my scores. So anyway, I did study for the SAT, learn vocab, etc. I also recently purchased the College Board SAT prep book (the big blue one with 10 practice tests). If I complete that will it help raise my scores? Also is a score of 10 on the essay section decent?

The SAT isn’t especially difficult. The only problem about it is that it’s long and is made to tire students out. I took over 15+ practice SAT tests, excluding the real thing. It will definitely raise your grade if you just get used to the test. A 10 on the essay is a 5/6 on the score sheet because 2 teachers read your essay and they average the two numbers together. Also, remember that even if you can take the SAT as many times as you want, you should make 2 or 3 your maximum, otherwise you’ll be pushing the limit.