How to get a 32+ on ACT?

How to get a 32+ on ACT?
I’m a sophomore in high school, and I took it last month (September 10th 2011), and I made a 23. I would say I’m naturally smart, so I was a little disappointed when I got this. However, I didn’t study at all, and I became frustrated after the second portion of the test. I had ACT with the essay, and I got an 8 on the essay. But I got 23 in English, 23 in Math, 25 in Reading, and a 22 in Science, which they said is bad and needs a lot of improvement. It’s funny because in school my best subject is science. Well, I’m planning on getting a full scholarship, so I need AT LEAST a 32, but since I plan on going to a very prestigious med school for graduate school, I might need a 34. Anyways, any tips on what I should get to study/how I should study?

You need a lot of algebra and geometry for the math. As a sophomore, you probably haven’t covered a lot of that material yet. Look for a prep book that teaches tips and techniques for SAT tests, rather than books with just a bunch of practice tests. Look at test prep resources available on Sparknotes online (free) — it’s really pretty good. I also like a book called Vocabulary Cartoons — read a couple of the cartoons each day to help improve your vocabulary.

The Science section is more a test of your ability to interpret data. Many people are mistaken and believe it a test of science knowledge. Sparknotes site might be good for this — it’s probably more about practicing the techniques used on the test.

There are articles online about how to improve writing scores. I can only remember a few of the tips. First is length – longer is better. Second is vocabulary. Use some of the words you find in the SAT test prep books. For example, rather than simple word like “big” use “expansive”.

Study for the PSAT test this summer. Many do not and the PSAT is their first look at college testing. Although National Merit scholarships are only $2000, achieving finalist status can lead to larger merit scholarships at many schools.

Good luck!! 32+ is a great and realistic goal.