How to get better at writing essays?

How to get better at writing essays?
i feel that i pick good topics to write my college essays on, but sometimes i get to the middle of the essay and run out of things to say. At that point, do i stop, delete my work and pick a new topic? Or is there a way to work through this

The basis of a standard 5-paragraph essay always starts with your basic 3rd-grade outline! Good heavens, did you forget that?
Especially for college essays, make out that outline with your opening statement or theory. Outline your supporting statements. Add in your experiments and findings and research for support of your opening statement, and use your conclusion to sum up your research, findings, discoveries, what you learned and whether or not your original theory or opinion is still valid at the end as you believed in the beginning. If you have a solid theory and your research backs it up, your conclusion will reiterate your theory. Whenever I am assigned any paper and pick out my topic, I automatically begin my outline well before my paper is due, so I can think about it and research my theories and add them to my outline. When I sit down to type it out, it flows pretty quickly and gets written and done and is turned in on time.
When you think you have run out of things to say in the middle, that is the time for quotes of what someone else has to say! Research supporting your topic could always include real-life experiences (even in English literature classes!) and expert opinions. Somebody else just might have had the same idea, once upon a time.

Opening statement – opinion, theory, main idea
first argument, supporting statement
ideas, research, quotes to support first argument
second argument, second supporting statement
ideas, quotes, research supporting second supporting statement
and so on until…
conclusion sum it all up. include whether or not your theory is still valid after you did the research, or if your opinion is still the same at the end as it was in the beginning. (This shows evidence of you learning from your work!)