How to get in the right path to Law School , how to get into UC schools?

How to get in the right path to Law School , how to get into UC schools?
I want to get into UCSD, UCLA, UC Berkeley.
I am pretty smart but I want to make the right choices so I can be successful in the process. Which classes should I take throughout highschool? What should I make as a GPA mantain goal.
Should I burn myself out and take as many AP classes as I can or should I take regular classes and get involved. What do you suggest? What do you think colleges like most about students applications besides SAT scores and GPA averages. What do you suggest so I can get ahead of the game? And Lawyers do you like your job ??

Im a kid with so many questions :]
But I am very serious about my career path.
the more answers the better!

Take a lot of challenging English and history, government, econ classes as your school offers. take APs (if offered) in U.S. History, Economics, Government. as far as GPA goes, always reach for the highest. the best GPA to have is a 5.0, but thats not very possible to most people. try to maintain at least a 4.00 if you can, but never go lower than 3.5 get an internship or job at a small law firm. i did that, and it helped me soo much. don’t overwork yourself. take a few APs and honors, join clubs. try to join student council (colleges love that) and be president of a club. colleges pay atlot of attention to the admissions essay. one of the most important skills you have to learn in high school is to write the best essay. you can have a 4.5 and 2250 on the SATs and all the other impressive stuff, but if you cant write an outstanding essay, your screwed. if your school offers it take AP English Composition. and you can never go wrong with UC Berkeley of UCLA. but those are extremely competitive colleges. UCSD is a great school too. UCDavis is also a top school.
No pain no game. work hard now and play later or play now and work harder later. best of luck hope your dreams come true 🙂