How to get into a great college?

How to get into a great college?
I’m going into 9th grade and am very ambitious and want to go to a good college, probably columbia. Right now I am taking 10H science, math, and social studies and 9H english. I am also in advanced art. I have gotten B+ in the individual classes but for the final class averages (the ones that go on the transcript) the lowest is A-. I take Japanese as my language and am doing very well in it.
Extracurricular I am going to do:
Model Congress
Japanese Club
and maybe a few other things. I also love acting and singing and directing so i might be the assistant director for the school play. I also am involved with youth for hospice and volunteer there. Also, for my essay, I have gone through some intense life experiences so i think i can write a unique essay. What do you think my chances are of getting into an ivy league or any other great school? Also, if anyone has any information about Columbia, NYU, Georgetown, or Harvard, please let me know. Thank you!

I’m a sophomore.
If you’re native american then you’ve got an advantage… if you’re black you’ve got a slight advantage… if you’re white(including the middle east) then meh… if you’re asian you’re at a disadvantage.
I don’t know what classes 10H science, math, social studies, and 9H are..
these were the classes I took last year and the grades i got:
Geometry Honors B+
Biology A
World History A
PE/Health A+
French 2 A
Algebra II Honors A-
Language and Literature Honors A
My extracurriculars are:
Cross Country
Indoor Track
Outdoor Track
course at local university

Next year I’m planning on joining model UN and the math team and I hope to study abroad. This is my course selection for sophomore year:
Precalculus with trigonometry honors
Chemistry Honors
US History
French 3
AP JAVA (computer science)
American Literature Honors

It really depends on the grades you get and the level of rigor they have. Keep in mind B grades in middle school usually become C grades in high school. Stay organized and study hard and you’ll be fine 🙂 It seems pretty hard to get into Harvard unless you do something truly outstanding…. They turn down a lot of valedictorians and 4.0 students. Becoming a state champ, starting a club, doing research, etc. are really amazing activities for a resume. You seem to have a great start. I recommend you read the Insider’s Guide to the Colleges and the Fiske Guide to Colleges. That’ll give you everything you need. I’d say you have a great chance at NYU, a bit of a reach for Columbia and Georgetown, and you’ll have to work really hard to get into Harvard.
19,000 undergrads
Great academics (9/10)
Okay social (6/10)
okay quality of life (6/10)
36% accepted
large percent female
92% of freshman return
84% graduate in 6 years
Strongest Programs: Theater, dance, business, art, film, music
Similar: Cornell, Columbia, Boston, UPenn, UC-Berkeley
Amazing location
NYU is improving so fast it’s hard to keep track of everything. different sources will vary.

I don’t know about Georgetown.

5,677 undergrads
10% accepted
94% graduate in 6 years
98% freshman retention
Perfect academics (10/10)
Okay Social (6/10)
Good quality of life (8/10)
Strongest areas: english, history, political scince, economics, biology, music, drama, mechanical engineering
Similar: harvard, yale, stanford, princeton, MIT, UPenn
great city

6,712 undergrads
9% accepted
98% graduate in 6 years
97% fresh retention
Academics: perfect (10/10)
Social: okay (6/10)
Quality of life: good (8/10)
Strongest programs: economics, biology, social studies, government, english, african american studies, music, east asian studies, anthropology, history of science
similar: yale, stanford, MIT, princeton
really hard, lots of studying
great housing

I recommend for you to consider: Yale, brown, tufts, Brandeis, and UMass-Amherst
maybe also look into princeton, darmouth, tc.