how to get rid of the word “is” in my essay?

how to get rid of the word “is” in my essay?
I am writing an essay and cant figure out how to change these sentences from passive to active:
-One difference when comparing Belle to the hero archetype is that she is a woman
-Belle’s character has developed very far ahead of her time in that she is a very well educated woman.
-The first stage of the hero’s journey is called the departure
-The ultimate boon is an intangible thing rather than an actual object.
-It is Belle’s realization that she loves the Beast and must save him from the savage Gaston.
-Belle’s journey as a heroine in Beauty and the Beast is quite similar to those in ancient times.

I’m pretty stuck as to how to make them active, so any ideas would help. Thanks!

“Is” isn’t always passive. You don’t have to get rid of it everywhere. Did your computer’s grammar check tell you these were all passive sentences? Mine only pointed out, “The first stage of the hero’s journey is called the departure.” You might reorder that one if you want (by making “the departure” the subject of the sentence), but you can keep a few passive sentences here and there.
Clarity is another matter. Some sentences sound awkward to me.
-Since Belle is a woman, she fails to fit the hero archetype.
-Belle seems more modern than many women of her time because she is well-educated.
-[I would keep the third one as is, except put quotes around “the departure”].
-the next sentence is a fragment. It is her realization that leads to what? Either add more to the sentence or rephrase the beginning: Belle realizes she loves the Beast….
-Belle’s journey as a heroine compares to [what in ancient times? ancient tales? be specific] because….

I hope that helps. I’d worry about clarity more than the use of “is.”