how to go well at school?

how to go well at school?
Im going into year 9 this year and I want to be one of the top 10 students in the grade. I know its more than just hard work. Any advice?

Do all the work, be polite to the teachers, etc … all the basic stuff.

Apart from that, I have three suggestions:

(1) Read, read, read. Read widely and a lot. Read novels, the newspaper, non-fiction …. anything and everything you can get your hands on, whether it’s directly related to your studies or not.

When you read you absorb good writing and your own writing will improve. Your vocabulary will also improve and obviously you will learn about what you are reading.

Ask your teachers for suggestions about what to read, if you’re really serious about doing well.

If you’re doing Shakespeare, for example, reading Bill Bryson’s book ‘Shakespeare’ (fun and informative) will help you understand it all better.

(2) Make sure you know how to write a really, really good essay. Ask your teacher(s), parents or older sibling to help you or ask your parents to pay for coaching for you just for this specific purpose. It will help you in all subjects.

(3) Ask questions in class to make sure you understand what you’re being taught. The pace is quite fast at this stage of your education and if you miss something, it’s hard to catch up.

My twin sons go into Year 11 this year and are both very smart.

Unfortunately one had problems at high school early on and has now changed schools. He does OK but is improving while his brother excels. My comments are based on what I’ve learned while helping them over the years.

Good luck!

(mum of three teens in Sydney, Australia)