How to group documents in a DBQ…?

How to group documents in a DBQ…?
I am in AP European History, and I am so confused as to how we are supposed to group documents within our essays.
I don’t actually have to write this essay, but I need a way to group the documents, and I’m very stuck.
someone with experience please help me.

From what the paper says, and my experience with DBQ essays just go back and look at the essays you feel most comfortable with, we’re always told to use 1 more than half the amount of documents there are and just discuss whatever your topic is about, and documents which explain your point (don’t forget to use outside knowledge) and always remember to cite which documents you used, either in quotations after the sentence (Doc [#]), or stating “In Document (#)….”

Don’t know if this is what you meant, but I hope I helped.