How to Guarantee a 12 in the SAT Writing Essay section?

How to Guarantee a 12 in the SAT Writing Essay section?
Hey guys.. I’ve tried to put a template for my essay to be ready for the test, but my template didn’t suite the topic; I got 7. any ideas or ways to get at least 10 in the essay section..

another thing, heard someone once saying that 5 topics are put on the before the test day which contain the topic of the essay test.. is that right??

Hi Mohamed,

I have never heard that about the topics going up the day before. As far as I know, there is no way to know what the questions are going to be.

In my experience, here are the things you need to score higher on essays:
1. Proof that your example supports your thesis. You do this by showing how things might have been different if you example took a different approach.
2. Word choice. You need to use 3 or 4 higher level vocab words correctly. Be careful not to use too many.
3. Transitions. You need them between paragraphs and between some sentences.
4. Varied sentence structure. You need some long, complex sentences (those that start with a dependent clause) and some short, simple sentences.

Good luck!