How to let your writing flow from using your mind, hard to explain.. click it!?

How to let your writing flow from using your mind, hard to explain.. click it!?
As in, when you have to write an essay, or biography, a story, journal something, how do you keep it to flow? Like, how to keep it steady.

I like writing, but I have a hard time using my ‘head’ to let me write. My head jumps from scene to scene when it comes to writing. In the end it always comes out good though. But how can I make it more, ….easy..?

Basically: When im given a topic on something, what are some good key pointers to think about, jot down, and things to keep in mind while writing?

Try planning your thesis statement (main idea/topic sentence/point of the writing) and ideas/topic sentences of the paragraphs first. Then fill in the details with what flows from your head and heart. Give yourself some structure, then let yourself be creative in it.

Another idea, if you enjoy writing, is to write “Morning Pages.” You spend about 5, 10, or 15 minutes writing every morning, or before you need to write for an assignment. Write anything and everything that comes into your head, holding nothing back. Don’t worry about proper grammar, spelling or punctuation. Maybe even promise yourself you won’t go back and read it for at least 5 years. The point of the exercise is to get you to write more often, to clear your head of the “noise”, to let your creative juices flow, and to let anything be acceptable in writing, for once. Then revisit your writing project or start your day.

My English teacher likes the idea of Pan, Scan, Zoom. You know in a movie, when at the beginning it pans the whole landscape or scene, then it scans a group of people, then it zooms in to one person? Well, you can do that in a paper. Broadly examine the big idea (pan), then relate the big idea to your thesis (scan), then zoom in on quotes and expand on the quotes (explain the significance of the quote for the character or the story, and figurative language used). (multiple paragraphs of zoom if it’s a developed essay). At the end of the paper, you pan back out again, examining the significance of your thesis against the big idea/the world. In a traditionally structured paper, the 1st pan and the scan would be the introduction, the zooms would be the body paragraphs, and the final pan would be the conclusion.

Remember that your goal is to get your main idea/thesis across to your reader, concisely and beautifully. If you have time, write a first draft, then edit it. Writing is a process and wont’ always be easy. Just strive to do your best and practice, practice, practice! Good luck!