How to make a good essay?

How to make a good essay?
I’ve never been good at essays. I do the gathering information- I make a timeline in which order of events I should share- and so on, but I can never make an essay of my own sound very natural 🙁 And I have a hard time putting the information into my own words especially when it has to do with history.

So how can I make a good essay without it sounding too awkward?

History papers generally sound very robotical because you’re basically researching and then reporting the information on a piece of paper in your own words. The best way, I think, to make a paper sound natural is to become involved in the topic you’re writing on. It’s much easier and much more flowy if you have somewhat of an opinion on what you’re talking about as well as an interest. It’s a bit like debating…if you’re talking about a topic you feel strongly about and have taken a genuine interest it, your arguments will sound more coherent whereas if you’re talking about a topic you could care less about or don’t know much about, it would sound rather mechanical. Also, don’t try too hard to sound natural…people that do this end up doing just the exact opposite.