How to make a good history project?

How to make a good history project?
i’m doing a history project thats supposed to be due monday but I have a really hard time researching. I feel like the information i’m finding is spread out everywhere and I can’t organized them correctly. anyone know any good tips?

I don’t know what your project is, is it 3d? Is it a display, or is it like a presentation, a speech or whatnot? Personally, I love Powerpoint. It’s super easy, looks professional, and can be fun. You can make it humorous so your classmates don’t get bored, you can use pictures or music if you want. If it’s just an essay or a paper, make a nice cover page, Put a creative title, the teacher and class name, your name and a nice picture, if it’s a paper about the French Revolution, maybe a guillotine, or the Bastille.