How to make a good photo essay? 10 pictures that don’t directly match the words?

How to make a good photo essay? 10 pictures that don’t directly match the words?
For a class I need to do a photo essay of 10 pictures, and words that kind of go along with the images, but don’t really tell the whole story. For example someone did it on “unfinished art” and compared it to unlocked doors, and what someone interprets from some unfinished art, someone else might interpret something else. Another example, someone did “memory/reminiscing” and showed pictures of nature because footprints wash away from the sand but the memory is still there….

I hope you get the idea.

I work in an upscale restaurant so I kind of wanted to do something involving food. I am a foodie and food is a passion of mine and a passion of my coworkers. However, I can’t tie it in. I want to do something about “life” or the “meaning of life” and talk about how people work with food to make a living, people eat food to stay alive, people eat things that were once living…etc.

Any thoughts? It doesn’t have to be limited to this idea either. I also like the idea of chaos, and how the world is on such a crazy schedule that they don’t realize what’s passing them by and what’s really important but don’t know how to put it together with photos

You could do the cycle of life and use food in all its stages to represent that. You could show everything from organic things decaying, even a cemetery, to farm fields growing, to animals eating, to us eating all the things we eat. Food actually represents the endless circle perfectly, it could be cool, unless you think it’s too obvious.

For chaos you could maybe use before and after images of things like a strip mined hill or clearcut forest, the Colorado River, the World Trade Center, interspersed with shots of things like packed freeways or commuter trains, or Christmas shopping crowds.

Or, better, but much grimmer, just use images of places where people have been trampled, drowned, blown up, whatever, in the pursuit of a truly unworthy result. Like concerts, or nightclubs or Wal-Mart, where people died. Or the crowd caused deaths of pilgrims at Mecca and in India. Or homeless people begging in the shadows of luxurious downtowns. Unfortunately I could go on forever, there are certainly endless possibilities from all over the world.

Good luck on your project, it sounds like a cool one.