How to make a good speech?

How to make a good speech?
In english class we have to choose an american speech and recite it orally in front of the class. I am not the best speaker ever but how do i over come nerves and make it great?
Any ideas of a good american speech? A speech that can last me 3-5 mins or just 3 minutes

well you start off with a good introduction that includes a creative attention grabber. Then you have the details, here you state all your points, and then the final part in which you summarize everything very briefly. It almost as if you were doing an essay but much shorter. Your could have index cards with KEY WORDS ONLY to help you do your speech, DONT WRITE YOUR ENTIER speech there are you will find yourself reading off of them. Always remember the “planks of confidence” which are: content, organization, notes, friendliness, impresion, dedication, empathy, newness, conviction, and enthusiasm. Try not to be nervous just pretend to be talking to a friend, just follow the planks and you should do fine on your speech.
good luck:)