how to make a persuasive essay?

how to make a persuasive essay?
i now it has a claim, supports, and counter argument but i don’t know where and is there something that iiiineed to include
help please.

Don’t worry too much about your introduction paragraph. Write that last. Your essay may morph as you write and your position may change slightly, so don’t force yourself to stick to your initial thesis statement because that can ruin your creativity.

Basically, it comes down to supporting your position. That is really all there is to it. I realize that this doesn’t help much, but if you are just getting started at essay writing, the best bet is to follow the basic formula: tell people what you are going to write about, write about it in the same order you just told them, and then tell them what you told them in the conclusion. Use hard evidence where you can and don’t forget to provide the proper references!

If you can afford the time, let your essay sit for a couple of days before your final re-write. When you go back you will be able to more easily spot where you left out important details. I always found that I would be thinking something in my head but not really put the words on the page. When I would re-read later, I would notice that some of the connections and proofs I had in my head were not clear on the page. Also, if you can give it some time before the re-write, you can often make the essay a bit more… smooth. You can more easily clean up the language, maybe re-work a sentence to sound a bit better. This is a harder skill to develop but your style of writing and the “complexity” of the sentences helps. It is more than just using the thesaurus to find different words so you are not always repeating the same word, but making sure the sentences are not jerky like a kids book:
“See Spot. See spot run. Run Spot, run!”
At the very least, get someone else to read it and see if they can follow your argument and/or suggest areas where you can clean up the language.

I would not worry too much about “counter arguments” other than to think about them in your head and address what these issues would be in your proofs. If you spend too much time arguing the other side, you look weak. Only put in one or maybe 2 paragraphs where you might say: “some people would argue that 1+1=11, but in fact, Dr. X says…” Argue your points from your position and don’t acknowledge the competition too much! 😉

A good essay is tricky, because you are being both scientific and formulaic in your structure but the essay is built from language, which is at its most persuasive when used creatively.

Good luck!
PS. I disagree with Ania<3 - do not exagerate! Support your argument! This is an essay not an infomercial.