How to make a REALLY good essay?

How to make a REALLY good essay?
I SERIOUSLY suck at essays! I need HELP on how to make a really really really good essay!
I WANT A 100%

NEVER use the word ‘you’ in any essay, teachers hate it…
make sure your punctuation is correct, have someone look it over before you turn it in
use intelligent sounding words…you might think it sounds nerdy, but teachers will love you
write it kind of like a speech.

say you’re writing about a book…
make a creative and inviting first paragraph, use a quote from the book, compare it to something else, etc. if you can, use an example from your life, or make up a very short story…
say the book is harry potter, you could say something like, ‘captivating the world with her creativeness and interesting way of telling stories, j.k. rowlings has shown what she thinks it would be like if we had magic.’
or ‘I wish I had magic. If I did I would try my best to be as brave, loyal, and kind as Harry in j.k. rowlings’ books, Harry Potter.’
or something like that.
then comes your thesis, after you’ve written 2-3 sentences in the hook, you’re going to need it to be 3-pronged (has 3 points) for a 5 paragraph essay.
example: Harry shows the characteristics bravery, loyalty, and kindness, among others good qualities.

your 2nd to 4th paragraphs are going to be your three points stated in your thesis, one point for each paragraph. you want to make each paragraph AT LEAST 3-5 SENTENCES LONG, if not more. make them descriptive, and if you can, use evidence from the book or an article, or a quote, or anything that you can find that proves what you’re trying to say.

connect your conclusion to the first paragraph. i wouldn’t suggest restating your thesis unless your teacher tells you to. make it creative.

anyways, I know this is a lot of information, but I hope it helps!