How to make a title page?

How to make a title page?
I have to write an essay in MLA format. How many spaces down do I make everything?
And I DO have to make a title page for this, despite what MLA standards say.

I’m not sure what a title page should be like for MLA standards, cause like you said, there isn’t really a title page for MLA. Maybe your teacher is telling you to make a regular title page. Therefore, the title of your essay as well as the following heading would be content.

The first page of your essay should have these headings as follows:

Name (First Last)
Teacher Name
Course Title
Date (should be in the form of: 2 April 2011)

On the top right of every page of your essay, you should have your Last Name and the page number.
So if your last name is, let’s say, Johnson, it’d be Johnson 1 for the first page.