How to make my essay longer?

How to make my essay longer?
I have to type a 10 page essay and Im stuck on my 8th page. Is there something I can do to make it seem longer or be longer. I have literally wrote everything I can.

Hopefully, you are typing this essay on a computer. With that on your side, you can

(1) Insert a topic statement/question to engage the reader into the essay

(2) insert sub-references to your visuals. i.e. “New York is the most populated and visited city in the world.” (then you might suggest after that, With so many people coming to America in search of a better life, most travelers pass through the port of New York. With the dazzling sights, sounds and vast number of opportunities, it is no wonder these immigrants make New York their permanent home.) it suggests why New York is so populated.

(3) Finish up with a summary that captures the main points and answers questions that you posed, especially the opening question. This summary should clearly define that you are closing the essay, such as; “So, in summary” or “And finally”. Then leave the reader with some crisp lines that highlight the essay.