how to make myself feel better?

how to make myself feel better?
So a lot has been going on for me lately. School is getting very stressful (well i’m a freshman in college, and i have 3 essays to do(one which was due friday but since i didn’t go to class I have to hand it in Tuesday) and a project due tuesday for another class. Then my sister who is 12 has been acting like a b*tch lately. She’s been putting me down and it really bothers me. I know it shouldn’t since she is 12, but she acts and dresses like someone my age does, which is wrong (and she is starting to curse, which I don’t like, even my cousin notices it!). Also, I don’t have many friends to hangout with. You my think I’m crazy, but its because all my friends went away to college. I see them less now. But I keep declining one of my friends hangout offers, which bothers me. I’m always busy when she wants to hangout.

Its been stressful. I also got a cold sore from all of this stress, but luckily its been going away. ( you can hardly see it, but i can still tell its there still) I’m a wreck from all of this. My days are
“bus, school, bus, dinner, shower, tv, homework, bed”
or on my days off from school ” wake up,computer, breakfast/tv, homework, visit my neighbor, tv, dinner, shower, computer, tv, bed”

how can i make myself feel better?

Try to avoid your sister as much as possible; maybe she’ll find someone else to “bug.” But I do understand how annoying it can be. My younger brother used to be mean to me and got me in trouble every chance he could. He was something of a bully, yet my parents seem to favor him over me. I had to take it until I graduated from HS and then I left home immediately.

At this time, getting your education is one of your top priorities. So a lot of your time will be spent studying. Maybe you could study at the college library occasionally, to avoid your sister.

You do need to find at least one new good friend, so why not start looking around for someone who you might enjoy being friends with and make some time to visit with each other. See a movie or something.
You need to get out socially more often, meet new people, new guys and you have to get out of the house to do that. Lighten up hon, you’re young; build a life for yourself. The Christmas Season is a good time to make new friends, lots of events, “get-togethers” and parties at this time of the year to attend. So don’t be too shy and ask a girl friend to go with you to some social affairs. But don’t ask a guy, that would be inappropriate. Always wait patiently and let the guy take the lead ‘n ask you out.