how to make out?

how to make out?
ok now. i really like this guy, and i know he likes me, because he told me. well today he wanted me to go with him to this party, but i couldnt today, cuz i have a big essay due tomorrow. so im going with him to my friends party tomorrow. today at school we were like really close to making out…… but then the bell rang, dismissing us. i was kinda glad, because, well, i havent kissed anyone since march. so yeah, if you have any tips on making out id like them please, because im very sure we’re going to tomorrow at my friends party. like i kinda forgot how to actually make out, you know, the tongue movements and stuff. and no, im not some 11 year old little girl, im 15, ill be 16 in 2 weeks. thanks!

Best advice I ever got was to slow down. I guess when I finally got to it I was pretty excited and was swirling my tongue a little much. Every person kisses differently, the best thing is to follow their lead. If they swirl their tongue and then swoop down and suck on your lip and then lap at your teeth. Do it with them, then do it back to them. Maybe throw in an extra lip suck.

After a few sessions you should find it so natural that you even have a signature move. Maybe a quick tongue suck, maybe a roll of your tongue on their top lip? Explore, have fun, there is no wrong answer on this one, except for maybe slobering too much.