How to make this essay?

How to make this essay?
Here’s the instructions:

In a well developed five paragraph essay, discuss what you consider to be the central theme of Animal Farm by George Orwell and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Indicate how the plot, characters, and use of allusion and irony convey the theme. Remember to support your opinion with concrete examples from the novel. This writing assignment is due the first day of school.

I need help maybe arranging the essay so that I can make a 5 paragraph essay.


Okay, well first off you would start with your opening paragraph. In this paragraph you would have to somewhere make very clear what you believe the central theme of both novels is. This will let the readers know from the start what it is you’re going to be discussing.

Next would be the body, broken up into different paragraphs. If it were me writing the essay, I would probably first collect all quotes you’re going to be using in the essay and write down the page numbers as your examples. Now I would probably include both plot and characters in the first paragraph of your body as those two topics generally go together and would give you a nice lengthy paragraph as opposedto splitting them up and having smaller paragraphs.

Now when it comes to allusion and irony I would break each up into their own small paragraphs. This is also where quotations would probably come in seeing as any textual eviden in the book to support your argument would most likely deal with literary elements such as allusion and irony, or so I find. Put them all together and you’ll have two very lengthy, solid paragraphs, this will probably be the bulk of your argument.

Finally, you’ll have the closing paragraph. This just usually summeraizes everything you’ve just stated and typically doesn’t have to be very long at all. With this structure you should have reached the five paragraph quota:
Body- Plot and Characters
Body- Allusion
Body- Irony

Well, I hope this was in some way helpfull and god luck with your essay!