How to open a compare and contrast essay?

How to open a compare and contrast essay?
I have a compare and contrast essay to write on characters from different novels. I have a thesis, but I don’t know how to make the opening longer, or better. What should a c/c essay have in the opening?

Remember what you are asking: “Compare and Contrast.” Look up both words, first and be sure you know the depth of their meanings.

Make a list of the attributes, good or bad, about what ever you are considering: location of a place relative to another place as to the purpose for the use of the place. The same for characters, or anything else. You are weighing one thing good or bad about the other thing. You must first know what the “Thing” is. The Purpose of essay must be known.

In the opening, point out what you are going to compare and contrast and what the criteria needed to make such a determination is to be.

But, above all else, think about it and be interested in it or it will not be good. You must first know your subject matter.

Good luck