How to persuade my mom and dad to let me have a hamster!!!!!!!!!!!?

How to persuade my mom and dad to let me have a hamster!!!!!!!!!!!?
I was at the pet store buying dog food and i saw the cutest hamster!! She is a teddy bear hamster and she is totally white! I asked my mom and dad and they keep saying not until we are finished moving into our new house!! BUT that could be weeks from now and i dont want her to be sold already!! I had three hamsters before (not at the same time) and they were all really nice!! We already have a cage but I would have to buy the food and stuff by myself but thats ok! How could i persuade my mom and dad?

This is what i did to get a hamster: (My mom is hard to convince and this worked!) Here are some tips:
1. keep your room clean chores around the house to get extra money so u can buy the stuff yourself
3. Show responsibility
4. be mature
5. write essays and add up the total of all the supplies you need. It makes you look responsible 😉
6. they only cost $10-$20
7. they dont smell unless u dont pick up their pee and poop
8. they DONT carry diseases if you get them from a reliable pet store
9. dwarves hamsters/rats are smaller so they should be easier to deal with and their poop is smaller 😉
10. They can stay home for a few days, you just have to feed them for the amont of food for the amount of days you wouldnt be there. Also if you were traveling, you can always take them with you. If you have a traveling cage that you can get at a pet store made for traveling 😀

A hamster is usually $10-20
A cage can range anywhere from $10-80
bedding $6-16
The food- $3-8
The wheel- $8-12
The ball- $3-9

**Ask the lady at the store if you could put the hamster on hold for a few days/weeks and say PLEASE!!!**

**Hamster cages are not hard to move…**

Good Luck!