how to present a lesson plan using essay?

how to present a lesson plan using essay?
i have an essay assignment in our class today, my teacher told me to write an essay presenting a lesson plan about speaking activity?
Do you know how to get a high score with these essay assign?
what are the processes?
Can i make my lesson plan look like a chart even if this assignment is an essay type?

You need to make an essay about a lesson plan on speaking activity? OK, maybe its because I didn’t go to college, but I’m a little confused about that assignment…..
About the chart idea. Personally I don’t see why you couldn’t incorporate a chart into the essay. A lesson plan usually is a guideline to use while teaching a lesson correct? With that in mind, a think that a visual would be a good idea. Just back it up with the written essay. Describe what the plan is, use the chart to show what the plan is, write about what the chart is showing. Does this help? I wish I understood more, but I wanted to answer about the chart idea. Will you be presenting this essay or just handing it in? When I had to do presentations for my public speaking class, I always used a visual of some sort. Good luck!