how to start a charctarization essay ?

how to start a charctarization essay ?
i have no i dea how to start a charcaterization essay

the web page (below) describes: How to Write a Characterization Essay


Read the assigned book thoroughly, paying close attention to the main characters and what traits they possess throughout the story. When doing this, try to get a feel for what types of characters you’re reading about.

Visualize what actions the main characters are doing throughout the story so that you can get more of a sense of why they act the way they do. Write down the main characters as you are reading about them and list any interesting and outstanding character traits they possess.

Start your characterization essay by stating what character you’ll write about and why you chose this character. Make sure to provide specific and visual details about your character.

List the traits of your character that are notable and pertinent to the overall plot of the story by providing examples from the story, showcasing your character’s voice and actions.

Finish your story by analyzing your character’s voice and actions to show why they are so important to the overall story. When analyzing your character’s traits, be sure to provide content about the pros and cons of your character.

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