How to start a comparative essay?

How to start a comparative essay?
I’m not asking you guys to do my homework.
i’m just asking for help starting it.
welll i guess techniquely it’s is asking you guys to do my h/w , but yeh anywayz plz help, any additional information feel free to add it.
Write a comparative essay regarding the nature of feudalism in Japan and Europe include social political and Economic Aspect of system.

Feudalism in Japan and Europe had similarities and stark differences. The similarities included …. The differences were characterized by ….

The reasons that the feudalism emergerged similar were ….

The differences between J and E feudalism can be attributed to ….

In conclusion, while there are similarities and differences between the J/E feudalistic societies, the root causes for feudalism emergence was …

Jsut fill in the blanks with the details you’ve been studying and you’ll have an essay.