how to start a comparison Essay ?

how to start a comparison Essay ?
I want to compare to essays one i wrote this year and the other was written a couple of years ago , whats the best way to start it and to show my development ? HELP ME PLZ ..

a powerful introduction is the key….becasue then you set the pace and you maintain that high standard. To write a comparison essay you must establish the issues centrally meaning: if you discussed 5 things. imagine these as in the centre of a page. then look at the TWO approaches/views and information you provided on each issue. be distinct but show that each belongs to an issue. IT WILL WORK TRUST ME! finally your conlcusion (remember you habve that awsum intro) will be thought provoking. do not say you are concluding…. it must be clear without saying it. therefore it means your flowing essay (river) meets the ocean here! gooooodluk!