How to start a contrast/compare essay?

How to start a contrast/compare essay?
So I have to write a contrast/compare essay on two war poems, but I have no idea how to start the introduction.


Please and thank you :]

in the introduction paragraph start out with an interesting statement about generally what the two war poems are about. then introduce the two poem. by saying this poems message is …. and when compared to this poem, there are many of differences between the overall messages of the poems. you will adress the actual similarities and differences in the rest of the essay so dont make the intro long and boring lol

the intro isnt going to be long just to grab the readers attention and to introduce what the essay will be about wihtout actually saying i am writing about blah blah lol.

2nd paragraph = only talk about the first poem

3rd paragraph = only talk about second poem

4th paragraph = talk about both poems but only state the similarities because you already said the differences in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.

5th paragraph – conclusion: sum up how the poems are different by the messgaes they give, and then give a broad statement on the war that the poems are about.

email me, tell me what poems they are and i can help you more 🙂
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