How to start a extended definition essay?

How to start a extended definition essay?
I have to write an extended definition essay thats 5 pages long on the word “friendship”. I’m having trouble on how to start my introduction paragraph. I don’t know how to start it, can anyone give me a little push or help me out?


Extended Definition Essay
Over the centuries, intelligence has grown with mankind. As mankind has developed new technologies, intelligence too has been altered and developed. Many people who use the word intelligence define it differently then what is usually universally understood to be intelligence, and the both of those groups define intelligence differently from the few who have it.
Some would say intelligence is a means to measure a person’s mental acuteness to various factors. The more a person is able to adapt to change, whether they are adaptive to technology and advancement in time or just to the weather, the more a person is seen as intelligent. In this sense, it would make a teenager much more intelligent than many elderly people because youth are much more able to adapt to change then the elderly.
Others would argue that intelligence is how many facts a person can retain in…

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