How to start a first person narrative?

How to start a first person narrative?
Hi, so i dont want anyone to get the wrong message because im not asking anyone to do my homework or whatever…
anywho… i have an essay to write about, and it’s to do an ‘imaginative’ response to a visual prompt (an image) in 1st person.
i chose an image of a ballerina, but i want to make it creative so im writing it in 1st person as a pointe shoe and not the ballerina.
im not sure how to start my introduction part cause im planning not to make it obvious that it’s actually the shoe ‘taking’… so i want it to sound as though the shoe is the person.
here’s my plan…
– “i have a twin” (the other pointe shoe)
-“i was ‘born’ to assist my friends…” (designed to help ballerinas stand on their toes)
hope you guys understand what i mean 🙂
i just need some ideas on how to START my introduction in a creative ‘manner’
so no “hi my name is…” or anything like that please 🙂
thankyou 🙂

That’s very clever. One problem is if the two shoes are talking to each other and the ballerina is the only one in the room then the reader is going to wonder who the two voices belong to. Also, if the shoe was born to assist his friends then why would the ballerina be saying this?

You would have to make the shoe dialog be similar to something the ballerina would say. You could start off with the ballerina being on the floor because she fell. The two shoe voices could be blaming the fall on each other, or maybe just one of the shoes is blaming the other who is silent. Still, the shoe’s voice would have to say something the ballerina could have said. This would be very tricky unless you introduce the ballerina’s trainer who could be in the room.