How to start a first person persuasive essay?

How to start a first person persuasive essay?
I need to write a two page essay from John Quincy Adams in his persona that demonstrates two of his main leadership qualities. How can I start the essay off without it being too boring or I’ll have points taken off. For example, I can’t put “Hi, I’m John Quincy Adams…” etc. I’ve never really been good at hooks and this is really driving me crazy because I’ve been trying to start this essay for a couple hours already lol

If you have any ideas on how I could possibly start it off, how YOU would start it off, that would be great! Pleeeeease and thank you! 🙂

I would start it with a rhetorical question to the reader, as this is a persuasive essay. Something like, “What is the cost of freedom?” or “Why is independence from England imperative?”

Or if you don’t want to use a question, then turn it into a declarative statement like, “Freedom may come at a high cost, but it’s one we need to pay.” or “The day’s of bowing to the King of England is over.”

Something like that…unless I have the wrong Adams…wait is this the kid? Yeaaa, I don’t know anything about him…