how to start a formal essay?

how to start a formal essay?
i need to write a formal essay about the solar system & i don’t know how to start it off

Write a thesis statement. Your thesis should state the main point you are arguing in your essay and the main supporting arguments in the order you are going to make them. It should be from one to three sentences long.

Write the introduction. The introduction starts off broad and narrows down to the thesis statement, which forms the end of the intro. For example, if you were talking about the Illiad, you might start talking about Classical Greek literature, then talk about Greek epics, then discuss Homer and finally discuss the Illiad. The intro sets the tone of the essay, because it gives the reader context.

Write your body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should discuss one argument you made in your thesis statement in detail. You should provide evidence such as quotations from the text or the opinions of scholars and experts. You may also want to address common counter-arguments and explain why they are incorrect.

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