How to start a futuristic essay?

How to start a futuristic essay?
I need to write an essay about my life in the future. I’m confused on where I should introduce the setting and the characters. I want to start in the present, and have something happen so that the reader can see my life in the future. (Make sense?)

So I was thinking of having a crystal ball, and the fortune teller tell me things, and I start hallucinating about the future. (I don’t know, I’m desperate.) I was also thinking of a time warp, time machine, or just myself in my head, telling the readers what I imagine. Any thoughts? 10 Points!


Its the year 2018 and I am currently sitting in my own apartment talking to my friends on Facebook. One of my friends informs me that there is an awesome December Christmas party going on tonight at 7pm. Since I didn’t have any plans today anyways, I think I’ll go to my friends get together. The first thing I notice is that I am 8 years older than I was in 2010, and that so is everyone else in the room. I also notice that all my friends are married now and I am the only one who has yet to get married. When I have a minute to myself, I stop and think back, what did I do those last 8 years. First, I got a great job and I am working full time. Second, I moved out and got my own place. Third, I am more appreciative of everything I own and thank God for getting me through all my struggles.

Hope that was helpful.